If you really want to stand out in the United States then all you need to do is wear some Indian clothing. It is so different from what traditional Americans wear in their daily lives. I know many Americans who think that it looks very odd and I know others who think it is very fashionable. A lot of Americans always think anything from Eastern cultures can seem a little odd. I think the clothes you wear tells a lot about you. So if you are not Indian does not mean that you cannot wear Indian clothing at all. I love it when I see Americans wear Indian clothing or other cultures traditionally clothing period. I think that is one thing that makes America great. It really is the melting pot of the world. All the subcultures make it so different from any other country in the world.

Something I am sure you have never seen before are some Indian pajamas. They are very similar to the ones that are here in the United States. Except I think that the Indian ones are much more stylish! Many people who are not familiar with them would think that they are everyday clothes that you wear out in public. If I did not know the culture I would probably think that too. Men’s pajamas have a long sleeved top, but the torso is much longer than a normal shirt. The pants for the pajamas are always long. They are mostly like this for women too. You can also get them in short sleeve and sleeveless.

One thing that is not different is the type of bed you sleep on. There is nothing that beats a good mattress. I know one place I got a lot of my mattress information from was http://www.sleepcomfortably.org/mattresses-pads-toppers/. They have all of the information you need to make the right decision about a mattress. I know that they answered all my questions that I had when my spouse and I were looking for a new bed.  They made our decision very easy after reading all of their very informative articles. I know that I thank them every time I wake up in the morning.

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