Indian fashion is known for its rich culture, tradition, and vibrant colors. No wonder why the whole world is fascinated by Indian clothing. The traditional Indian female garment is saree. It has a tight fitted blouse called choli. Indian men wear a simple shirt and trousers. Indian dressing is known for its unique styles, colors, and textures. In the old times, Indian clothing was associated with green concept. The very first Indian fashion show was held in 1958 and since then it has grown rapidly, to the point that it becomes popular even in the western culture.

Indian fashion designers are in demand nowadays. They were the reasons why Indian fashion is popular worldwide. Indian fashion designers can even compete with the European fashion designers. Their concepts and styles are truly remarkable. If you want to become a fashion designer and want to specialize in Indian clothing, then you should enrol in a fashion institute. There are international fashion schools that specialize in Indian clothing, European clothing, and the likes.

Samantha is a successful Indian fashion designer. She is not a pure blooded Indian. Her mother is Indian whereas her father is American. Since she was a kid, she already envisioned herself to become a fashion designer. Her childhood life was far different from the kids of her age. Instead of watching cartoons, she prefer to watch fashion channels. Her parents noticed her potential to become a fashion designer and so they decided to enrol her in one of the prestigious fashion schools in the United States. Her hard work paid off as she becomes one of the most sought after fashion designers in the United States. She is now financially stable and living the life that she has always dreamt of.

She now owns a condo, a car, and a fashion boutique. Samantha plans to buy a house as her wedding anniversary gift to her parents. Her parents are planning to move to Alabama and she thinks that buying a house in Alabama would make her parents happy. She already met a real estate agent in Anniston that she landed when she came across The agent has presented several properties but Samantha has not made her final decision yet. She has two properties in mind, but she is still yet to consider her budget and the preference of her parents. Samantha and her real estate agent planned to meet next week to finalize everything. Thankfully, the agent is as professional as one could hope for, patiently waiting for her client and being business-like in all her transactions.

If you wish to be a successful Indian designer too, then you can learn a few tips from the video below:

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