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My Top Five Favorite Indian fashion designers

I’ve always loved Indian fashion because of its sheer elegance and beauty. For some reason, every time I see someone wearing clothes that were patterned from Indian culture, it allows me to see the kind of person he/she is. Don’t get me wrong; most professional fashion designers have that ability as well. I’d like to believe that the reason for the ability I have above is because of my love for Indian fashion.


In any case, it was a hot Sunday afternoon when the technicians from hosted PBX came to fix my phone lines. While waiting for them to finish their job, I sat down in front of my laptop and started browsing the Internet for something that will keep me from boredom. While checking on Google, I suddenly saw on the results an article about the best Indian fashion designers today. The article was just recent and I actually liked it. That then got me thinking about who my personal favorites were. Everyone who appreciates great Indian fashion surely have their own favorite fashion designer too. I decided to write a blog post about this, since my blog has been a little lonely since I first launched it!

So without further ado, here’s my top five favorite Indian fashion designers:

Ritu Beri – A Delhi-based International designer, Ritu Beri is considered as the first Asian fashion designer to start the French fashion brand , Scherrer. I know a lot of my friends who love Scherrer. Also, she’s the only Indian fashion designer that was featured in Acustyl, which is Promostyle’s official magazine.

Rina Dhaka – Rina Dhaka remains as one of the top Indian fashion designers of today. Her taste in fashion is superb and she is well known for her theme projects. Most of her projects revolve around sheer trousers, stretch jerseys, woolen garments, and crochets. She’s a personal favorite of mine because of her ability to combine popular Western clothing with Indian fashion.

Manish Malhotra – Malhotra is revered as the fashion designer of Bollywood stars. Most of his creations were worn by popular Bollywood actresses like Kajol, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and many others. His talent of imagining a “look” for the nature and his taste for dissimilar fashion has earned him a place among India’s top fashion designers.

Ritu Kumar – If Ritu Beri is known for her French fashion brand Scherrer, Ritu Kumar is known for her emblematic Indian fashion style. Famous for creating some of the most beautiful Indian bridal collections, her works often show her proud roots. She’s also responsible for Miss India’s formal gown and swimwear for international beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific.

Tarun Tahiliani – Lastly, we have Tarun Tahiliani. A renowned Indian fashion designer since the late 80’s, his creations always portray beautiful ethnic designs. He loves creating different designs for the sari, which he believes is the most stylish set of clothes for anyone who favors the luxurious look.

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Indian Fashion Through the Years

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Traditional Indian clothing is still widely used by lots of Indian people, despite the modern times.  Though, because of modern fashion, there are noticeable changes in the styles and designs of the traditional clothes. However, these changes still mimic the extravagance and royalty-feel of the traditional clothes, just like how Maharas and Ranis used to be extravagant in their clothing in the years that passed.

Fashion designers of Indian clothing continue to innovate in the world of fashion by looking out for opportunities to move forward but still stay rooted in the cultural background of each and every Indian ethnic wear.


Dhoti kurta is the traditional Indian clothing of men. It is an unstitched, 5-yard long, piece of clothing tied around the waist and legs. It is also known as Laacha and Punjabi in other areas of India.


In the old times, this clothing article was only worn by men. However, today, it has become a dress for both men and women. It is basically a long loose shirt that falls a little above the knee or below the knee.

Indian Salwar Kameez

This is a traditional wear for women. It is highly popular in the Punjab area, called by many as the Punjabi suit. This has been worn by Indian women for centuries and still it continues to thrive as one of the most worn dress for women until this modern Indian generation.


While Salwar Kameez is the oldest dress for Indian women, Sari is the most wonderful dress worn by Indian women. In fact, when people are asked how an Indian woman looks, they are nearly always associated with the wearing of a Sari. It includes the solah shringar with its bindi, chudi, kajal, and many more.


Sherwani is a long coat resembling achkan in styling. It is buttoned upto the collar and lengthwise it is usually below the knee. It adds to the charm and grace of men, especially the taller ones. Indian men spend lavishly on buying the sherwani suit for the special occasion of their wedding.


The turban is also very familiar among Indian men. This is not a fashions statement but rather an ethnical wear. It signifies a lot of important things in an Indian’s life and culture. Basically, it is a long piece of unstitch clothing wrapped in circular motion around the head.

It is amazing how Indian clothing remains a vibrant part of the country’s culture despite the many advancement, changes, and development throughout the generations. Indians are able to preserve their culture through the clothes they wear, refusing to get wooed by the modern fashion that other countries bring.

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