iPhone in India

Image Credit: Youtube Screenshot / Ingram Micro

Yes, people in India love their iPhones too, and I am one of those people who really do. I have loved iPhone products since the first time I used them, and whenever I needed to replace my phone, I always prefer buying the latest iPhone model.

This is specially true for people like me, who are in the world of Indian fashion. Just like in fashion, where people should always be up to date and able to adapt to the latest trends and styles, iPhone use, or technology use in general, also needs to be up to date. Being up to date when it comes to the latest tech gadgets is not about showing the world that you have the means to own these things, but rather, because the world is becoming more and more dependent with technology. If your gadgets cannot perform what the latest gadgets can, then you will eventually encounter problems, which can be personal or professional problems.

Nowadays, people have the mentality that they cannot survive if they do not have their gadgets with them.

Indeed, the world has greatly changed, and technology contributed a lot to that change.

I embraced these changes with an open heart, but of course, I also always keep in mind the sense of responsibility involved in owning and using technology.

I show my care for my iPhone by always accessorizing it. This does not only make it fancier, but it also tells people who I am – a passionate Indian fashion designer, determined to make a mark in the world, one dress at a time. It also makes me showcase to other people how beautiful Indian fashion is, and that it looks good on iPhone products.

I also care for my iPhone by always checking the latest in a blog called MacBuzzer. This blog updates about things related to Apple products, and especially iPhones. Recently, I learned a lot about iPhone unlock, and how people sometimes fall victim to scams that claim they can unlock the software of an iPhone, when in fact, that is something entirely impossible to do.

These kinds of circumstances are what I meant when I said that there is also a responsibility when it comes to using technology. It is the responsibility of the owner to always be aware of what are true and untrue when it comes to what their gadgets can do. Since we have become very dependent with our gadgets, it is our responsibility that nothing bad ever happens to them, especially in terms of keeping your personal information safe and secured from any chances of getting hacked.

On the other hand, there is also the responsibility of people to stop scamming other people, because that is just plain wrong and inhumane. The money that scammers get from their victims are hard-earned money, and that is not something people should take advantage of. Not everyone will have the right knowledge and skills to determine which things in the Internet are for real and wish are traps set by scammers. There will always be victims of these wrong acts, and the only way that it would end is if only people would stop doing it.


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