People these days probably now that when we talk about fashion, we do not simply just talk about fashion for people.

Yes, fashion has reached a different level during the 21st century, and that is because it has now come to include fashion for pets!

Pets are adorable little creatures that have been gaining a lot of attention in the fashion industry, simply because they are the modern dolls. Goodbye Barbie Dolls and Bratz, because I’d rather spend the same amount of money used to buy those dolls, into buying my poodle dog and my Persian cat, some cute and fancy outfits for our next trip to the park.

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From hats, scarfs, dresses, tutus, and even shoes, dogs and cats and other animals, are the cutest things ever, when dressed in fashionable wears.

There are even pet fashion shows these days, where pets are the star of the night, and not the owners. They are judged for their grooming, and their outfits for the sports category, casual wear and evening wear. Yes, there really are these kinds of events nowadays, and if you are a pet lover and a fashion lover like I am, you will be more than happy to even just witness these kinds of events.

Of course, I also had the chance to let my pets experience the runway. There was a pet convention and fashion show in Australia that my friend invited me to. She wanted me to go and let my dogs enter the show, and that I design some Indian-culture inspired dresses for my pets.

I was really excited with the invitation that I screamed my YES! to her invite. I immediately went about and researched, designed and worked on the garments that my pets shall be wearing on the runaway.

When I got to Australia, what I experienced was one of the most wonderful time of my lives. I got the chance to meet a lot of people, and I got the chance to see a mix of cultures and fashion designs, this time, on pets. Though, even owners of the pets were really looking good too. Well of course, you can’t have your pet looking glamorous while you wear a simple outfit, right?

I got the chance to talk to the other designers about pet care and pet grooming. It was a night that was dedicated to our pets, the only creature there for us even when the rest of the world turns their backs. It was a colorful and touching moment.

I also got tips from other designers, not just about pet fashion, but also about taking care of my pet, holistically. I even got a brief introduction to pet Insurance in Australia, which really got me thinking that when I come back to India, I would also let my pet avail of a pet insurance. I have never really looked at it that way before, because I didn’t want to acknowledge the possibility of my pets getting hurt. I swore I would protect them when I took them in, so I wanted to make sure I kept that promise. But the introduction made me realize that there is no telling what could happen, so it is best to have them insured, regardless. After all, they are still animals, and when their animal instincts kick in and they try to be the playful balls of fur that they are, they could sometimes get in trouble.

Over all, I was really happy that I got to experience that convention and fashion show in Australia. Not only did I endorse Indian inspired dresses for pets, I also got to learn a lot about taking care of them.


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